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The Cardamom Auctioneer License issued for the present period is valid upto 31st August 2023


Under the provisions of the Cardamom (Licensing & Marketing) Rules 1987 framed in accordance with Spices Board Act 1986, rule 4(1) any person desiring to carry on business as Auctioneer may apply to Spices Board for a license. Spices Board has onboarded the issuance of Cardamom Auctioneer License (CAL) for small and large cardamom to NSWS thereby facilitating ease of doing business. National single window system (NSWS) can be accessed at

Help desk
TAMILNADU REGION : Shri. Ranganathan, Asst. Director, Bodinayakanur ;   9446337119 ;
KERALA REGION          : Shri. Anilkumar K Asst. Director, Puttady, Idukki ;   9480121157 ;
OTHER REGIONS          : Marketing Department, Cochin ;   0484-2333610 ;   358 , 234 (extn) ;


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