GST provisional registration details of Spices Board New Feature : Click here for Auction Report मसाला: छोटी इलायची, नीलाम की तारीख: 05-Dec-2019, नीलामकर्ता: Cardamom Planters' Association, Santhanpara, लोटों की संख्या: 94, आवक की मात्रा(कि.ग्रा.): 15129.8, बिकी मात्रा (कि.ग्रा.): 13258, अधिकतम मूल्य (रु./कि.ग्रा.): 2996.00, औसत मूल्य (रु./कि.ग्रा.): 2796.47 मसाला: छोटी इलायची, नीलाम की तारीख: 05-Dec-2019, नीलामकर्ता: The Cardamom Processing & Marketing Co-Operative Society Ltd, Kumily, लोटों की संख्या: 278 , आवक की मात्रा(कि.ग्रा.): 66537.5, बिकी मात्रा (कि.ग्रा.): 64395.7, अधिकतम मूल्य (रु./कि.ग्रा.): 3168.00, औसत मूल्य (रु./कि.ग्रा.): 2834.62 Spice: Large Cardamom, Date: 05-Dec-2019, Market: Singtam, Type: Badadana, Price (Rs./Kg): 438, Spice: Large Cardamom, Date: 05-Dec-2019, Market: Singtam, Type: Chotadana, Price (Rs./Kg): 400, Spice: Large Cardamom, Date: 05-Dec-2019, Market: Gangtok, Type: Badadana, Price (Rs./Kg): 450, Spice: Large Cardamom, Date: 05-Dec-2019, Market: Gangtok, Type: Chotadana, Price (Rs./Kg): 400, Spice: Large Cardamom, Date: 05-Dec-2019, Market: Siliguri, Type: Badadana, Price (Rs./Kg): 520, Spice: Large Cardamom, Date: 05-Dec-2019, Market: Siliguri, Type: Chotadana, Price (Rs./Kg): 407,
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अधिकारियों और कर्मचारियों के अधिकार और कर्तव्य

अंतिम अद्यतन 10-07-2017, 11:04 HRS

Powers and duties of officers and employees

The major functional divisions in the Board are Development, Marketing, Research and Administration. Directors/Secretary head these divisions and they report to Chairman.  There are officers at the level of Deputy Directors, Assistant Directors and Officials at junior levels who work in the concerned departments for carrying out its activities and implementing various schemes.  Apart from duties assigned to various levels of Officers for achieving the Board’s objectives, financial powers are also delegated to the required extent for their effective functioning. Summarized details in this regard are given below.


Chairman is the Chief Executive of the Board who attends to day to day functioning and is responsible for achieving the objectives of the Board. The powers delegated to Chairman under the Spices Board Rules, 1987 and those specifically delegated by the Board after formation of the Spices Board are given below:

Under the Spices Board Rules 1987

  • to grant leave to officers and employees of the Board including the Secretary;
  • to prescribe duties of all officers and staff of the Board and exercise such supervision and disciplinary control as may be necessary;
  • to sanction expenditure for contingencies, supplies and services and purchase of articles required for the working of the Office of the Board;
  • to require the Board or any Committee thereof defer taking action in pursuance of any decision taken by the Board or the Committee as the case may be pending a reference to the Central Government on such decision;
  • to take decision in respect of matters that can not wait disposal by the Board or a Committee, as the case may be. The action taken by the Chairman shall be put up to the Board for post facto approval at its next meeting.

Provided that where the Board modifies or reverses the decision taken by the Chairman, such modification or reversion shall be without prejudice to the validity of any action taken before such modification or reversion.

Delegated by the Board

  • Power to fill up unfilled sanctioned posts:
  • The Chairman may make appointments to any vacant post or any new post sanctioned by the Board/Government provided that appointments to key posts to be identified in consultation with Government shall be made only after obtaining approval from Government.
  • Power to enter into contracts:
  • Chairman may enter into any contract for the discharge of the functions under the Act on behalf of the Board provided the proposal/scheme is approved by the competent authority;
  • Power to re-appropriate between Sub-heads under Heads of Expenditure
  • The Chairman may re-appropriate between Sub-Heads under Heads of Expenditure upto Rs.1.00 lakh in each case
  • Power for re-delegation of Chairman’s powers:

Chairman may delegate any of the powers under the Rule 14(i), (ii) and (iii) of Spices Board Rules, 1987 and power to enter into contracts, subject to such limitations as deemed necessary by him. As regards financial powers of Chairman, he can sanction expenditure on all schemes approved by the Board/Government and on contingencies within the approved budget.


Secretary is responsible for all aspects of Personnel Administration. He is also responsible for convening of Board and Committee meetings and all aspects relating thereto.   Secretary is to act as statutory authority on behalf of the Board. He performs other functions as assigned to him by the Chairman from time to time. Secretary is delegated with financial powers upto Rs.1,00,000 at a time for office contingencies, supplies and purchases. Director [Dev], Director [Mktg], Director [Res] and Director [ Fin] are responsible for various activities relating to their concerned departments and in achieving the targets relating to various schemes under their departments. They have been delegated with financial powers to sanction expenditure upto Rs.1,00,000 at a time in respect of schemes/projects/programmes under their purview.


The Officers at these levels in charge of Regional Offices/Regional Research Stations/Quality Evaluation Labs look after the activities of the Board coming under the area of their jurisdiction and are responsible for meeting the objectives and targets laid down for the concerned areas. They monitor and supervise the functioning of Assistant Director/Scientist level offices in the respective Offices. Deputy Directors in charge of Regional Offices under Marketing Department can sanction expenditure up to Rs.3,000  at a time.  In the case of Deputy Director under Development Department, the expenditure upto Rs.15,000/- can be sanctioned with respect to schemes/projects/ programmes of the department. Deputy Directors in Head Office may sanction expenditure upto Rs.10,000 at a time relating to schemes/functional areas. Senior Scientist level officials under the Research wing who are holding charge of Regional Research Stations of ICRI are responsible for various programmes undertaken by the concerned regional research stations. They are delegated with financial powers to incur expenditure upto Rs.5000/-at a time. The Scientist C and Scientist in the Quality Evaluation Laboratory are delegated with powers to incur expenditure amounting to Rs.20,000/- and Rs.10,000/- respectively at a time for meeting the expenditures towards purchase of consumables such as chemicals, glassware etc.


The Assistant Directors [Dev] who are in charge of Divisional Offices supervise and monitor the work of field units under their jurisdiction. Assistant Directors [Mktg] are looking after some of the offices pertaining to Marketing Department. Assistant Directors [Dev] who hold charge of Divisional Offices are delegated with financial powers up to Rs.5000/- for meeting the expenditure pertaining to various schemes/projects/programmes under Development Department.
Assistant Directors in the Head Office constitute the middle level in the officers’ hierarchy and assist the concerned sectional head or Head of the Departments as the case may be. They can sanction Rs.3000/- at a time for meeting the expenditure towards matters related to their respective departments.


Senior Field Officers/Field Officers level officials look after the field offices under the Development Department, who deal directly with target groups, and are responsible for extension activities at the grassroots level.  They have been delegated with financial powers up to Rs.500/- at a time to meet establishment as well as contingency expenditure.
There are also ministerial cadre officials rendering administrative support to the different Sections/Departments as also officials in the technical cadre at lower levels working in Development, Research and Quality Evaluation Labs.

Apart from the above, administrative powers in respect of sanctioning of earned leave/casual leave and approval of tour programmes in respect of their juniors are vested with the concerned controlling Officers.
As on 31.3.2015, the staff strength of the Spices Board is 456 consisting of 92 Group A officers, 142 Group B officers, 222 Group C officers including 6 Departmental Canteen Employees.