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Last updated on 08-06-2015, 17:18

National Sustainable Spice Programme

Spices Board in collaboration with World Spice Organisation (WSO), All India Spice Exporters Forum (AISEF), and International agencies like IDH (which supports the sustainable trade initiative) and GIZ, Germany (which works on Biodiversity) is implementing the project titled “National Sustainable Spice Networking Programme".

The main objective of the project is to ensure food safety, bring in traceability and achieve sustainability with due concern for biodiversity in the spice sector, to address the quality issues related to spices having export demand and to sustain the exports and export growth.

Initially five Spices are identified namely, Chilli, Pepper, Turmeric, Cumin and Small Cardamom and also spices produced in NE region to give a boost on the production & export of spices from this region. A network of stakeholders representing government, farmers group, FPOs working with farming sector, agriculture research organisations, processors, traders, exporters, universities and financial institutions are being brought together for a sustainable production, processing, marketing and export of spices. This will ensure effective implementation of the programmes in the supply chain and also convergence of programmes implemented by various agencies.

The WSO, IDH and GIZ are providing the financial support for the activities related to the project/ programme. The Spices Board is the technical partner and renders its support in coordinating the activities envisaged by the programs in spice growing areas through its office networks.