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Major Itemwise Export

Last updated on 11-08-2020, 4:20

Review of Export performance of Spices during 2019-20

Spread of Covid-19 across the globe has affected the global supply chain and brought the economies in a recessionary condition. India’s foreign trade during 2019-20 has also registered a negative growth mainly due to the slowdown of the export during the end of March, 2020. However, despite the COVID Pandemic, spices export from India has continued its upward trend during 2019-20 and has crossed the 3 billionUS $ mark for the first time in the history of Spices export. The estimated export during 2019-20 has been 11,83,000 tons valued Rs.21515.40 crores (US $3033.44 million) against 11,00,250 tons valued Rs.19505.81 crores (US $2805.50 million) during the last financial year. The spices export during 2019-20 attained an all-time record in terms of both volume and value. Compared to last year, the export has shown an increase of 10% in rupee value and 8% in quantity. In dollar terms, the increase is 8%.

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