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Quality Standards - Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)

BIS has prescribed quality standards for 16 spices, spice powders, concentrates and oleoresins. Spices Board actively interacts with BIS in finalizing standards for other spices and to upgrade the existing ones.

List of IS specification by Bureau of Indian Standards

Standards Published


IS 1797:1985
(ISO 927:1982)

Methods of test for spices and condiments (2nd revision)
(IS 1797:1985) is also technically equivallent with ISO 928:1980,930:1980, 939:1980, 941:1986 in addition
to ISO 927

IS 1798:1982

Black Pepper,whole and ground (1st revision)

IS 1877:1985

Terminology for spices and condiments (2nd revision)

IS 1987:1984

Cardamom (capsules and seeds) (2nd revision)

IS 1988:1993

Ginger , whole and ground (2nd revision)

Is 1989:1992

Indian curry powder (1st revision)

Is 2322:1998

Chillies, whole and ground (powdered) (2nd revision)

IS 2323:1983

Mustard, whole and ground (1st revision)

IS 2443:1994

Coriander, whole and ground (2nd revision)

IS 2445:1984

Chilli, powder (1st revision) (to be withdrawn)

IS 2447:1993

Cumin, whole (2nd revision)

IS 3576:1994

Turmeric, whole (2nd revision)

IS 3795:1993

Fenugreek, whole and ground (1st revision)

IS 3796:1993

Fennel seeds, whole (1st revision)

IS 3797:1993

Celery seeds (1st revision)

IS 4483:1979

Ajowan (1st revision)

IS 4404:1992

Cloves, whole and ground (2nd revision)

IS 4452:1987

Dehydrated Onion

IS 4811:1992

Cinnamon, whole (1st revision)

IS 5452:1994

Dehydrated Garlic (1st revision)

*** IS 5453(PT1):1996

Saffron , Part 1 - Specification (2nd revision)

** ISO 3632-2;1993

IS 5453(PT2):1996

Saffron , Part 2 - Method of test

**ISO 3632-2;1993

IS 5832:1984

Black Pepper, Oleoresin (2nd revision) May

*IS 5955:1993

Tamarind concentrate (1st revision)

IS 6364:1993

Tamarind pulp (2nd revision)

IS 7807:1975

Method of test for Asafoetida

IS 7826:1984

Ginger Oleoresin (1st revision)

IS 9486:1980

Dehydrated Green Pepper

IS 10925:1984

Turmeric Oleoresin

IS 11300:1985

Caraway seeds

IS 131145:1993

Spices and condiments - Methods of sampling (1st revision)

IS 13242:1991

Amchur, raw mango powder

*IS 13446:1992

Large cardamom (1st revision)

IS 13474:1992

Green pepper canned in Brine

IS 13545:1992

Garam Masala

IS 13644:1992

Dry Kokum

IS 13663:1993

Chillies oleoresin

IS 13895:1994

Tamarind powder

* indicates standards under revision
** indicates dual numbered standards
*** indicates equivallent standards