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Development Programmes

Last updated on 17-11-2015, 15:26



  1. Board gives wide publicity about the programmes among the farming community through its field network , Boards website and through the media.
  2. Applications along with requisite copies of documents are received in Field Offices across the major spice growing regions of the  country and the applications will be scruitinised for eligibility, whether availed subsidy from Board earlier, etc.
  3. Field Officers carry out priliminary field  inspections and will forward the cases to Assistant Director for issue of permit order in schemes where  purchase / construction is involved.
  4. The Field Officers conduct  final inspection after planting / installation / construction as the case may be and make recommendation. Then the application and  inspection report are entered in online FOA system and forwarded to Zonal Asst Director for payment.
  5. The Zonal Assistant Directors carry out test checking of  a certain percentage as specified , in the scheme depending on schemes and will sanction the susbidy within the delegated powers given. Other cases will be forwarded  to Regional office for sanction.
  6. The Regional DDs test check a percentage of cases and  sanction the eligible cases within the delegated powers. Other cases will be recommended to HO for sanction by Director.
  7. The sanactioned cases by AD / DD/Director will be sent online to Accts Section for arranging payment to the applicant's accounts  through online.


Field Office Automation Software is used for processing of all applications which includes forwarding, recommendation and sanction and finally E-payment is made to the farmers' account. The system is very transparent and speeds up the payment process. In the case of Extension Support and training programmes, the Board conduct regular field visits to farmers field and organises group meeting, trainings, demonstrations etc.