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North Eastern States

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Objective  & Scale of assistance

New planting

The programme is intended to encourage the growers to take up new plantation of old, senile and uneconomic gardens. A subsidy of Rs. 28000/- per ha is offered to growers owning large cardamom up to 8 ha  the cost of  replanting  and  maintenance during  gestation  period. The subsidy is limited to new plantation of 4 Ha. The subsidy is paid in two equal annual instalments.

Production of Planting materials through Certified Nurseries

For making available quality planting materials to the   growers, Board gives assistance @ Rs.2 per  sucker for raising of  sucker nurseries in farmers’ field.

Rainwater Harvesting

The programme for rainwater harvesting using devices made of earth excavated pits lined with silpauline sheets is implemented in North Eastern States for large cardamom. 33.33% of the actual cost of construction  subject to a maximum of Rs.12000/- per device is provided as subsidy. 

Curing Houses (Modified Bhatti)

The large cardamom growers  traditionally  cure their cardamom by direct heating in the locally constructed   bhatties.  Capsules dried under this method are black in colour with smoky smell. ICRI-Gangtok had developed a scientific curing technology  for large cardamom by introducing Modified Bhatti in which   cardamom capules are dried using  indirect heating system in which the dried capsules retain the  pink [maroon] colour and natural flavour.   In order to popularize this method, Board is providing subsidy @ Rs.9,000/- for 200 kg capacity and Rs.12500/- for 400 kg capacity Modified Bhatti  towards 33.33% cost of construction of Modified Bhatti respectively.

Construction of Irrigation Structures

This programme is aimed at developing water resources in the cardamom plantations, which will help the growers to irrigate their plantations in summer. Assistance is given for construction of irrigation devices ie 50% of the actual cost of construction or Rs 20,000/- whichever is less is paid as subsidy.

Installation of Irrigation equipments

Board will assist in installing  irrigation equipments   at 50% subsidy subject to a maximum of Rs.10,000/-  to farmers of large cardamom


Assistance will be provided for purchase of equipments like pit diggers, sprayers, agricultural tools, grading seives etc will be  provided  @ 50% of actual cost of the equipment.


Type of Equipment

Scale of assistance

Pit digger

50 % cost or Rs.1500/-

PP equipment

50% cost or Rs.2000/-

Agricultural tools

50% cost or Rs.500/-

Grading sieves

50% cost or Rs.1000/-


Cultivation of Lakadong Turmeric

Lakadong / Megha Turmeric is having high curcumin content  and hence suitable for extraction of colour.  This variety is highly location specific and is very much preferred by the exporters for extraction of the colour.  Availability of quality planting materials is a major limiting factor in its production.   Hence a subsidy of Rs.18750/- per ha. towards 50% of the cost of planting material is offered under the programme.

Cultivation of NE Ginger

 Ginger varieties like Nadia and China are having higher oil content and hence are suitable for exports.  In order to promote organic production of these varieties in NE states, Rs. 18750/- per ha is provided as subsidy  towards 50% of the cost of the planting materials.

Training of officers and farmers of NE states

Board arranges training programmes for the officers  of the State Agri/ Horti. Departments and growers of North Eastern States on the recent advances in the areas of cultivation, harvest and post harvest techniques of spices. The training is arranged in alternate years for officers and every year for farmers.


Method of operation/ Modus operandi

          Interested growers will submit application in the prescribed format to the nearest office of Spices Board along with the following documents.

  • Parcha copy
  • Survey plan/ self attested map- copy for replanting/plan and estimate in case of constructions/quotations in case of purchase of machines
  • Copy of Voter I.D. copy/ Aadhar card/ Passport
  • Copy of Bank Passbook
  • No Objection Certificate from panchayats if the Land is not in the beneficiary name.
  • Any other document felt to be verified by the concerned officer for ascertaining the possession of land by applicant/ beneficiary


The Spices Board official will inspect each application and  recommend eligible subsidy to the Zonal Assistant Director/ Deputy Director, Regional office for sanction through Field Office Automation Software. Sanctioned cases will be forwarded to Head office and the subsidy will be credited to the beneficiary account (core banking) through e-payment. Zonal  Assistant Director/ Regional Deputy Director will test check recommended  cases at random.