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Details in respect of the information, available to or held by it, reduced in an electronic form

Last updated on 18-11-2015, 12:04 HRS

XIV. Details in respect of the information, available to or held by it, reduced in an electronic form

The Board has a full-fledged Electronic Data Processing department. Most of the activities of the Board have been computerized. The Board has launched its Website at containing all information on Indian spices and the Board-s activities.

Information available in Databases

Marketing Department

  1. Details of Registered Exporters, Dealers , Auctioneer and RCMC holders
  2. Details of Registered Exporters awarded with Brand Registration, Spices House & Logo Certification
  3. Details on Container samples collected, shipment details and its analytical results
  4. Domestic/International Trade Enquiries received for Spices
  5. Profiles on Spice Commodity/ Country
  6. Export/Import Details of Spices & Spice products from/into India
  7. Auction details (dates/prices/location) of cardamom
  8. Domestic/International prices of Spices from different sources
  9. Details on Area and production of Spices cultivating in India
  10. List of Leading Suppliers of Spices and Spice products


Catalogue of Books and Publications

Finance and Personnel

  1. Budget /account wise Receipts and Expenditure
  2. Location wise details of Regional/Zonal offices of the Board
  3. Personnel information
  4. Details on Leave/Salary of Officers and staff
  5. Details on interest bearing loans availed
  6. Details of IT returns
  7. EPF subscription of casual labourers

Quality Lab

  1. SOPs, MOAs, MOCs and other Quality Records
  2. Details of Sample receipts, work allocation, analytical results and its deliver
  3. List of spices vs parameters, sub parameters, fees, requirements quantity and time for analysis.
  4. Details of Analytical Procedures followed
  5. Catalogue for documents control
  6. List of suppliers
  7. List of Exporters/Customers from whom samples are received for Analysis
  8. Equipment calibrations and services
  9. Details of payments collected for analytical purpose
  10. Details of consumable issue, receipt & stock

Tissue Culture Lab

Production and stock details of TC plants


Details of Subscribers of Boards publications


IT equipments and its configurations : Location /category wise